100% Satisfaction guarantee

Littlerockstore offers the best quality at the best prices. We guarantee 100% quality with our products. In the unlikely event something is not up to standard or if the product does not meet your expectations, please contact our customer service. You can do this by filling out the contact form

Naturally, we will determine whether the warranty stipulations, as described in our Terms and Conditions, are applicable to your personal situation and we will always work with you towards a suitable solution. Have you bought an item from us and have it break after a certain amount of time? When processing complaints, we of course follow our Terms and Conditions and the Dutch law. Unfortunately, if the item does not meet your expectations due to wear and tear, we can’t re-compensate you.

Think of:

• wear and tear of shoes, heels and noses;
• defects caused by incorrect or intense use;
• excessive perspiration;
• rubbing stains from shoes and clothing;
• pacifiers;
• pills from clothing and shoes.

For complaints, please contact our customer service. Your complaint will be processed immediately and you will receive a response within a time frame of 24 hours.